Expedition in Nepal: Wandering Above 8000 meters

Nabin DevkotaJul 9th 2024

Did you know that Nepal has 8 out of the 10 tallest peaks in the world? That's right here are the 8 peaks over 8000 meter peaks open for expedition in Nepal. If you ever want to see the world from the height of over 800 meters, come to Nepal!

  • Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) - 8848 meters
  • Mount Kanchenjunga - 8586 meters
  • Mount Lhotse - 8516 meters
  • Mount Makalu - 8463 meters
  • Mount Cho Oyu - 8201 meters
  • Mount Dhaulagiri I - 8167 meters
  • Mount Manaslu - 8163 meters
  • Mount Annapurna I - 8091 meters

Other than that, Nepal is also a home to some of other snow-covered peaks. Read the complete blog to understand more about these top 8 tallest peaks.

Have you ever imagined how amazing it is to watch the world from above 8000 meters? If you have ever imagined that, expedition in Nepal can help you convert your imagination into reality.

Nepal is the home to 8 out of the 10 8000 meter tall peaks that exist in the world. These snow-covered peaks have certainly become one of the most significant features that Nepal has to attract tourists visit the country.

If you are a expedition lover, Nepal has a feat for you. If you are planning for expedition in Nepal, this article is something you must read. All the eight-thousanders can be climbed while you visit Nepal.

Let's start climbers!

What does Expedition mean?

Expedition is a word given to a group of people who set up for a long-distant journey. However, Expedition in Nepal here means to reach the peak of the high mountains that are located in this country. Many people every year visit Nepal just to reach the peak of the high mountains. Besides, expedition is also the prime dream for almost all of the mountaineers.

When anyone talks about expedition, Nepal takes the first place in everyone's thoughts. With 8 out of 10 tallest peaks in the world, Nepal, undoubtedly, is the best destination to the mountaineers worldwide. Now let's learn a little more about the eight tallest peaks for expedition in Nepal.

List of all the eight thousanders in Nepal

As mentioned above, Nepal has 8 out of 10 eight thousanders, but do you know all of them? Here is a list of all the tall peaks for expedition in Nepal along with short descriptions:

Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) - 8848 meters

Sagarmatha, well-known as Mount Everest is the tallest peak of the world. Besides, this mountain is one of the major reasons that makes Nepal famous worldwide. This mountain got its name after the a former Surveyor General of India, George Everest. Two brave people, Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa reached Everest's peak on May 29, 1953. Since then, a total of 6,664 people have successfully reached the 8848 meters and returned successfully as of 2023.

Mount Everest is located in the Everest region of Nepal, which is a famous trekking, expedition, national park adventure, sight-seeing, and outing area of the country. Moreover, the flora and faunas found in this area add more charm in the beauty of Everest region and Mount Everest.

Mount Kanchenjunga - 8586 meters

This is the 2nd tallest mountain to go for expedition in Nepal but it ranks 3rd in the global list of tallest mountains. Kanchenjunga is not just a single mountain but it is a whole mountain range and 8856 meters is the tallest point of this mountain range. Other than that, there are four more peaks in this range: central (8,505 m), west (8,482 m), north (8,489 m), and kangbachen (7,903 m).

Did you know that Mt. Kanchenjunga was the tallest mountain of the world until 1952 but then people discovered the height of Mt. Everest and Mt. K2 which pushed Kanchenjunga to the third position.

Talking about the location of Mt. Kanchenjunga, this region is not highly explored. However, we know that the Kanchenjunga region has four glaciers: Zemu glacier (the largest glacier in the eastern Himalayas) and Talung glacier in India, Yalung glacier, and Kangchen glacier in Nepal. Besides, the route to Kanchenjunga's peak is full of flora fauna, steep terrain, sometimes unexpected weather change. Regardless of these difficulties, this expedition in Nepal takes you through one of the best expedition routes.

Mount Lhotse - 8516 meters

The fourth tallest peak in the world and third tallest peak in Nepal, stands 8516 meters above the sea level. People often compare Mt. Lhotse's expedition track with Everest's summit trial because the icy surfaces and sloppy steep route make it very difficult to summit this mountain. However, just like every other expedition routes, Lhotse expedition in Nepal also has a eye-soothing view of green valleys, snow-covered peaks, and unique flora and fauna.

Mount Makalu - 8463 meters

Ranked 3rd highest in Nepal and fifth highest in the world, Mt. Makalu also provides a perfect expedition experience in Nepal. Reaching the peak of this mountain will take the climbers to the altitude of 8,481 m above the sea level. Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy from France successfully reached Makalu's peak on May 15, 1955.

Since then. more than 500 people have successfully summited the Makalu's peak. All of these climbers say that the Makalu region also has heart whelming views of white snow-covered peaks, green forests, flowers, herbs, and the scent of clean and pure environment. All these factors encourage the climbers reach the summit.

Mount Cho Oyu - 8201 meters

If you move towards the west of Mt. Everest, you will strike on a 8201 meters tall mountain named Mt. Cho Oyu. This is the sixth tallest mountain in the world and fourth tallest summit of Nepal. Three people, Herbert Tichy, Joseph Jöchler, and Sherpa Pasang Dawa Lama successfully summited Mt. Cho Oyu on 19th October 1954.

One of the most amazing facts about the sixth tallest peak of the world is that more than 3900 people have successfully reached the highest point. With comparatively easy trial, decent slope, eye relaxing environment, Mt. Cho Oyu is mostly loved by the first-time climbers.

Mount Dhaulagiri I - 8167 meters

Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh tallest mountain of the world and ranks sixth out of the 8 eight thousanders in Nepal. The Dhaulagiri peak stands 8167 meters above the sea level and provides all the climbers with a challenging and tedious yet adventurous and fulfilling route to the summit.

This peak was first summited back on May 13, 1960 and since then a total of 647 people have successfully reached the Dhaulagiri peak and returned. Climbers and professionals consider this expedition in Nepal to be one of the difficult ones. This is because of the uncertainty that Dhaulagiri I expedition offers the climbers.

Mount Manaslu - 8163 meters

Manaslu is another perfect expedition in Nepal with the summit staying 8163 meters above the sea-level. This eight thousander sits between the Mansiri Himal series and the Manaslu region encompasses the sub-tropical foothills of the Himalaya to the arid Trans-Himalayan high pastures bordering Tibet.

The name Manaslu is derived from a sanskrit word "Manasa", which means " Mountain of Spirit". If you ever go for the Manaslu expedition in Nepal, you will love how the Budhi Gandaki river along with exceptionally beautiful view welcome you.

Mount Annapurna I - 8091 meters

Down to the last-on-the-list tallest peak of the world, here we talk about Mount Annapurna. This summit stands at an altitude of 8091 meters above the sea level. Regardless its altitude, surprisingly professionals consider Mount Annapurna I as the most difficult expeditions in Nepal. With that being said, this mountain also sees very few climbers in comparison to all the other eight thousanders in Nepal.

Tips to Have a Successful Expedition in Nepal

Climbing over eight thousand meters is not a joke at all. Extreme weathers, uncertain food and accommodation, sudden avalanches, and what more. There are so many things that make expedition in Nepal very tough. However, with some tips and tricks, you can have a successful journey over any eight thousanders and return back with memories rather than bad health condition.

Train Hard Before you Start

That sounded like a motivational quote, right? However, that is the first thing to do before going for expedition. Climbing to such high altitude of over eight thousand meters can cause anyone to burn out and panic both physically and mentally. Therefore, we recommend all the climber looking forward for expedition in Nepal to go for a couple of trekking, exercise, workout, play physical sports that require stamina, eat healthy, and stay focused and positive.

Choose the Trekking Agency and Guide Wisely

Trekking agencies and professional guides also prove to be the most important factors of expedition in Nepal. As you know that trekking and expeditions cannot be done without a guide's company. So, you need to do proper research and book your expedition packages from the trekking and expedition agency with long serving tenure and professional and registered guides.

For better experience, you can choose Snow View trek as your expedition partner in Nepal and experience the best out of any eight thousanders.

Pack the Gear for Expedition in Nepal

Without proper expedition gear, there is no possible way to climb such tall mountains in such extreme conditions. So, make sure that you have listed out and carried all the expedition equipment, gear, and other necessary items. Remember that, missing one small gear can cause severe problem after you cross the base camp and enter the expedition zone. Some of the basic and most important expedition gears are:

  • Ice Axe
  • Oxygen
  • Crampons
  • Harness
  • Tape Slings
  • Trekking Pole
  • Mountaineering Clothes
  • Rope
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Energy Bars
  • Sun Glasses, Hats, and Sunscreens
  • Headlamps
  • Mountaineering Boots
  • Helmet
  • Base Layers

These are not everything that you need to set up for a successful eight thousander expedition in Nepal. There are several more requirements which you can ask with the agency you choose or of you choose us you can contact us anytime.

Best Time for Expedition in Nepal

If you are looking for the best time of the year to go for the expedition of any the above-mentioned 10 mountains, you can plan that during the months of April, May and October. One of the most important reason to choose these months is due to the weather condition. Other than that, Nepal also has several festivals during these months.


Nepal offers 10 different variations to anyone looking for an adventure or walk over eight thousand meters. All these summits are more or less difficult to reach but with proper planning and preparation, mountaineers can successfully complete any of these expeditions in Nepal. Moreover, if you choose Snow View Trek for your service, we promise no regrets.

Nabin DevkotaJul 9th 2024

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